Fine Tuning my JavaScript Skills on Scrimba Learning Platform

After over 20 years as a developer then test engineer which has exposed me to a great deal of coding in multiple languages particularly Java and C#, I never really took the opportunity to fine tune my JavaScript skills. I had only really got involved with JavaScript on a few projects and my experience with Java made using it relatively straightforward with the language being quite intuitive. There were however times when I felt I didn't understand certain use cases and code intricacies and best practices.

I decided to change this and do the free JavaScript course on scrimba. Without a doubt it is the best learning platform I have ever used. I didn't realize the power of what they call the scrim. And oh my goodness I thought it was just a video but I soon learnt that I could simply copy the code or edit the code on screen, make notes and so much more making my learning process more efficient and fun. A 5 min tutorial can be found here and trust me you will be impressed.

There were 4 projects each followed by a set of challenges to embed what you have learnt with the muscle memory so it sticks.

I would definitely recommend scrimba if you are not only trying to improve you skill as a developer and also beginner developer trying to get a job.




SCRUM, Software Delivery, Developer, QA and Lover of life.

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SCRUM, Software Delivery, Developer, QA and Lover of life.

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